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  1. PS4 Mono UI Research & Orbis Toolbox for Homebrew Developers by OSM-Made (OldSchoolModz)

    Proceeding his PS4 Notify Function Reversing work and recent OrbisFTP PS4 FTP Background App, today PlayStation 4 Scene developer @oldschoolmodzhd shared via Twitter a new Github repository PS4 Mono UI Research update detailing his Embedded Mono journey and reverse-engineering the PlayStation...
  2. PS4Mono: DualShock 4 PS4 Controller Library for MonoGame by Mystborn

    Recently developer Mystborn made available PS4Mono on Github, which is an open source DualShock 4 Library for using PS4 Controllers in MonoGame with details below. :smilexf2: This news comes following a DualShock 4 Windows Guide, DS4Windows App Revision, DS4 PS4 Firmware Dump & Reversing Tools...