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  1. PS5 DB Backup Payload for Databases with PayloadSDK by Jeroendev One

    Following the PS5 PayloadSDK and PS5 Payload ELFLDR, developer Jeroendev One made available a PS5 DB Backup Payload on Github for those in the PlayStation 5 Scene who own Exploitable PS5 3.xx-4.xx Consoles to test out with further details below. :geek: Download: / GIT...
  2. PS5 IPV6 Kernel Exploit v1.02 / v1.03 & PS5SDK / PS5 PayloadSDK

    Proceeding the PlayStation 5 KEX v1.01 and IPV6 PS5 Kernel Exploit 3.xx-4.xx, today PS5Scene developer @SpecterDev announced on Twitter a PS5 IPV6 Kernel Exploit v1.02 / 1.03 Update alongside a Homebrew PS5SDK work-in-progress (WIP) and PS5 PayloadSDK from John Tornblom following the previously...