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  1. PS Vita System Software / Firmware 3.74 is Live, Don't Update!

    While Sony stopped updates to their PlayStation Portable and PSPgo handheld console XML Updaters back in 2014, in PlayStation Vita News following the previous PS Vita OFW revision and PS3 4.89 Firmware Update earlier today a PS Vita System Software / Firmware 3.74 Update was also pushed live...
  2. Changes to Purchases on PS3 Consoles & PS Vita Systems October 27th

    Following the Shutdown of LittleBigPlanet PS3 and LBP PS Vita Servers, Sony announced PS Store payment option limitations beginning this October 27th for purchases made on PS3 consoles and PS Vita systems... specifically, you'll no longer be able to use debit or credit cards nor PayPal to add...
  3. BenMitnicK

    VitaBooks: Manual / Book Reader Homebrew App for PS Vita

    VitaBooks is a manual or book reader in PNG images. The software will create a directory named book and inside you will put your books or manual in the following ways: book->VirtualTennis->image1.png, image2.png, toto.png, titi.png etc.... limited to 100 images per book or manual The images...

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