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Following the Shutdown of LittleBigPlanet PS3 and LBP PS Vita Servers, Sony announced PS Store payment option limitations beginning this October 27th for purchases made on PS3 consoles and PS Vita systems... specifically, you'll no longer be able to use debit or credit cards nor PayPal to add funds or purchase digital content via PlayStation Store directly on these platforms. :cautious:

Instead, those still in the PS3 Scene and PS Vita Scene will need to add funds to their account using PlayStation Store gift cards, debit / credit cards or PayPal payments via the desktop, mobile, PS4 or PS5 versions of PlayStation Store and in turn purchase digital content on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

While this process may seem a bit convoluted and inconvenient, it's likely necessary to keep customer payment data safe as these legacy platforms see fewer software security updates... with the current PS3 Firmware 4.88 arriving this past June and the last PS Vita Firmware 3.73 revision released back in October 2019.

Here's the official announcement from Sony PlayStation, to quote: Discontinued PlayStation apps, features and services

Purchases on PS3 consoles and PS VITA systems

Starting 27th October, 2021, you can no longer use a credit or debit card, or a payment method such as PayPal, to buy digital content or add funds to your wallet when visiting PlayStation Store on your PS3 console or PS Vita system.

To buy digital content for your PS3 console or PS Vita system, you must first add sufficient funds to your wallet on PlayStation Store. You can add funds by redeeming a PlayStation Store gift card, using a credit or debit card, PayPal, or other available payment methods via a desktop computer, mobile device, a PS4 console or a PS5 console.

How would this affect games that have an in-game store? Can I purchase DLC in an in-game store?

You will still be able to purchase content (including DLC) via in-game stores, but you will need to use wallet funds to pay for the content on PlayStation Store. You will not be able to use a credit or debit card, or other payment methods such as PayPal to complete the purchase.

Can I still use PlayStation Store gift cards on my PS3 console or PS Vita system?

Yes, PlayStation Store gift cards can be used on both PS3 consoles and PS Vita systems. Product vouchers and subscription vouchers can also be used.

Finally, for those who may have missed their previous announcement: Movie and TV content

After 31st August 2021, we will no longer sell or rent movie and TV content on PlayStation Store. Please see the information below on how you can still access movie and TV content you have previously acquired through PlayStation Store for on-demand playback.

Note: The information on this page may be updated so please check back periodically for new updates.
Changes to Purchases on PS3 Consoles & PS Vita Systems October 27th.jpg


Just another push to get gamers to update there console & kill off a perfectly preforming game system. PS3 & PS4 still relevant so fook off Sony there has never been much wrong with the vita or ps3, the manufacturer just wants to push new content endlessly.
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