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  1. PS4 1.76 System Dump on Firmware 1.76 via FTP and File Analysis

    Today eXtreme posted a PlayStation 4 Model CUH-1116A Firmware 1.760.001 System Dump done via PS4 FTP complete with a File Analysis for developers to examine with the previously released Tools Package. :pumpkin: To quote: PS4 1.76 DUMP PlayStation 4 - Firmware 1.76 - System Dump - Dumped...
  2. I need PS4 1.76 all flash files and hdd files

    can someone with 1.76 ps4, with linux dump for me flash files and from hdd other os files , i try to boot orbios further on pc, i have booted 0.82 kernel already but i dont have hdd files for running whole os, thanks for your time to read this :D

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