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  1. Fifa_14_READ_NFO_PS4-EPEEN: FIFA 14 PS4 by EPEEN Fully Decrypted!

    Following the first PS4 scene release and first decrypted audio packet, today PlayStation 4 scene release group EPEEN made available Fifa_14_READ_NFO_PS4-EPEEN which according to the PS4 NFO file below labels FIFA 14 PS4 as the world's first fully decrypted PS4 game! :D Download: fifa.pkg...
  2. mcmrc1

    DriveClub Alpha READ NFO PS4 from ABSTRAKT

    It seems the first PS4 scene release from ABSTRAKT is out on this happy 4.20 day around the world! :D Big THX to @Malatya for the info mentioned in the Shoutbox! From the PS4 NFO File: DriveClub_Alpha_READ_NFO_PS4-ABSTRAKT / DriveClub Alpha READ NFO PS4 ABSTRAKT BHE \ ____ / ABSTRACT...