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  1. PS4 Act.dat and PlayStation 4 RIF File Research Findings by IDC

    Yesterday we saw his 1.76 PS4 Entrypoint, and today PlayStation 4 developer IDC returns with some PS4 Act.dat and PS4 RIF research documentation stating he will likely add the required code used to restore an act.dat backup to his Github soon as well. :tree::geek: This news comes following the...
  2. Installing PS4 PKG Files Using a Function vs Debug Settings

    PlayStation 4 developer flat_z has been researching RAPs and RIFs for years with one of the more recent PS3 RIF to RAP / RAP to RIF converters being RifConv GUI, and today he hinted at how to install PS4 PKG Files (Tutorial) with the function itself rather than through the PS4 Debug Settings...

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