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  1. PS4 Slim Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Bundle on Sale for $249.99

    With recent reports on new PS4 consoles coming with 4.0x Firmware, PlayStation 4 developers confirming access to the 4.50 Kernel, 4.5x Pwnage and 4.55 Dump found containing more potential flaws than 4.50 did if you're seeking a PS4 Slim with a few games this might be the perfect time to snag...
  2. Sony Drops Uncharted 4 PS4 Bundle to $249.99 December 11 to 24th

    My cable guy was just looking for a discounted PlayStation 4 bundle for the holidays, and it appears Sony has answered dropping the Uncharted 4 PS4 bundle to $249.99 from December 11 to the 24th, 2016 which currently comes stock with 3.55 OFW confirmed by @DoxyMarket. :tree::santa: Below are...