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  1. ShadPS4 PS4 Emulator for Windows, PSet4 & RPCSX PS4 / PS5 Emulator for PC

    The latest additions to the list of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 emulators in development for PC below are a ShadPS4 PS4 Emulator (Blog / Twitter) for Windows via georgemoralis (ShadPS4 Forums / Twitter) on Github alongside Open Source PS4 Emulator PSet4 via lvcheng1229 and an RPCSX PS4 / PS5...
  2. EmpireOfSteel: PS4 / PS5 Emulator (Prototype) in Development by Daeken

    Recently developer daeken obtained initial kernel output on the EmpireOfSteel prototype C# PS4 / PS5 Emulator currently in early development for Sony PlayStation Emulation enthusiasts via PC. :geek: Download: / GIT As noted in the Tweets below this comes following...