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  1. PSVGameSD: PS Vita Virtual Game Card by Motoharu Gosuto Arrives!

    Considered by some to be the final nail in Cobra Blackfin's coffin and following the recent NoNpDrm v1.0 and VitaShell v1.74 releases, today PlayStation Vita developer Motoharu Gosuto made available PSVGameSD which is a PS Vita Virtual Game Card application and kernel plugin that finally allows...
  2. PSA on Cobra BlackFin Device, PS Vita Scene Game Dumps Surface

    This weekend console hacking scene profiteer GaryOPA reports that PS Vita scene game dumps from groups including BigBlueBox, VBL and PSiCO are beginning to surface for his boss Max Louarn's latest DRM-infected product known as the Cobra BlackFin. So besides Max and Gary's latest attempt...

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