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  1. VitaShellMod 1.75 Update for PS Vita is Released by BenMitnicK

    Following the official release, today PlayStation Vita developer @BenMitnicK of BMK Studio updated his VitaShellMod to version 1.75 with the changes outlined below. :winkxf2: Download: VitaShellMod_1.75.vpk To quote from his release page on what's new in this revision: VitaShellMod 1.75...
  2. VitaCID 1.0 Homebrew App to Get Your PS Vita Console ID

    PlayStation Vita hacker Major_Tom just released VitaCID, a tool that gives you access to your Vita Console ID (the equivalent of PS3's IDPS). What is VitaCID? VitaCID is a tool that runs on a HENkaku-enabled PS Vita (currently Vita firmware 3.60 only). It retrieves your Vita's console ID and...