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  1. PS Vita System Software / Firmware 3.74 is Live, Don't Update!

    While Sony stopped updates to their PlayStation Portable and PSPgo handheld console XML Updaters back in 2014, in PlayStation Vita News following the previous PS Vita OFW revision and PS3 4.89 Firmware Update earlier today a PS Vita System Software / Firmware 3.74 Update was also pushed live...
  2. PS VitaDump, VitaToolchain & PKG Installer 2.0 Tutorial by Silica

    While we're still adding new VPK files to the VPK Mirror list and VPK Showcase, today PlayStation Vita developer Silica (YouTube Channel) made available PKG Installer 2.0 alongside a video tutorial for installing Package files and activating the Debug Utility on PS Vita. :D Meanwhile PSVita...