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  1. Orbital: Experiments in PS4 Emulation Demo Video by AlexAltea

    Earlier this year we got a first look at PlayStation 4 Virtualization by @AlexAltea, and recently he shared on Twitter an experiments in PS4 emulation video from his YouTube Channel demonstrating the Orbital PS4 emulator currently in development. :geek: Download: / GIT He...
  2. PS3 Convert & Inject v1 for PlayStation 3 Game Injecting by SvenGDK

    If you're using PS3 Game Injection Methods on Official Firmware (OFW) then you may want to check out PS3 Convert & Inject v1 for game injecting by PlayStation 3 developer @SvenGDK. (y) Download: PS3ConvertAndInject_v1.7z (453 KB) / PS3ConvertAndInject_v1.1.7z (463 KB) /...

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