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  1. RetroGamer74

    Unity PS4 HEN Compilation Demo by RetroGamer74

    Thanks for sharing Unity. I'm in :) A sneak peak compilation demo video is below. Also here is ALPHA-V2.pkg (NPXS29111-app.rar) from LightningMods followed by v3-455.pkg (4.55) Alpha-V3.pkg (5.05) with changes outlined below and a Fake Version Patch by jocover as Unity 2017.2.0p2 requires 4.70...
  2. ControllerHomebrew.pkg: Controller Test Homebrew by LightningMods

    Since his PS4 UART for Dummies Guide, PlayStation 4 developer @LightningMods let us know in the Shoutbox that he released a Controller Test homebrew application called ControllerHomebrew.pkg on Twitter with details below. ;) Download: ControllerHomebrew.pkg (109 MB - Mirror via Dylan57richem)...

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