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Since his PS4 UART for Dummies Guide, PlayStation 4 developer @LightningMods let us know in the Shoutbox that he released a Controller Test homebrew application called ControllerHomebrew.pkg on Twitter with details below. ;)

Download: ControllerHomebrew.pkg (109 MB - Mirror via Dylan57richem)

To quote: "Today, I will be releasing my Controller Test Homebrew i made ... it took me a VERY long time and 7 UART Logs later i have my first PS4 Homebrew, and much more to come!"


:arrow: Update: Also below is Open GCI by milador, which is an open source accessible game controller interface for PS4 with more details available in the file.

Download: / GIT
ControllerHomebrew.pkg Controller Test Homebrew by LightningMods.jpg



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I feel stupid.... :confused:
But can't understand what it does..
We are understanding how to catch the input from the controller ?
So the conresponding button will light ?
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