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Hi, guys! I know that there is a lot of ESP firmwares made by our gurus, but want to share another one with you also.

The most distinctive features are:
  • simple and light interface;
  • only main payloads without any mods, cheats, etc.;
  • no additional functions like autopayload, firmware update, etc.;
  • PS4 Wi-Fi "EASY" connection (no need to manually set up DNS and other settings at all);
  • all internet connection tests can be successfully passed, so no update info messages (saw some complaints on it even if all updates being blocked);
  • all payload have been thoroughly tested before release.
Download firmwares you can via these links:
Spoiler: Depreciated

Upload firmware in .bin format via NodeMCU-PyFlasher 3.0

Spoiler: How to flash

Version 3.0 for OFW 4.55 includes (latest payloads releases):
  • Original
  • HEN
  • HEN+VR
  • BackUp
Hidden in Additional menu
  • App2USB
  • FTP
  • FTP+RW
  • Dumper
  • Enable Browser
  • Disable/Enable Updates
Version 1.3 for OFW 5.05 includes:
  • Xvortex's HEN v1.6
  • Xvortex's FTP v1.3
  • Xvortex's Dumper v1.8
  • Stooged's BackUp v2
  • Stooged's App2Usb v1
More information about payloads is in About section

PS4 Wi-Fi Settings (EASY):
  • Network: PS4
  • Password: qwertyuiop
Projects on GITHUB

Some pictures:

ESP8266 PS4 Payloads HOST by KeeperDY for 4.55 5.05 OFW 2.jpg

ESP8266 PS4 Payloads HOST by KeeperDY for 4.55 5.05 OFW.jpg


Al-Azif, Specter, Qwertyoruiopz, Flatz, XVortex, Stooged, LightningMods, Anonymous, Marcelstoer, The Open Orbis team, etc.

Thank you for your attention!

P.s. Firmware will be updated upon new payload versions are released.



Thanks for your time. I'm SO confused, I do my project according other guys Project like X-project (PC Version) Its have 3 Cache Version....

I upload my Index.cache file and Index.html and 1 payload. Can you get a look on it ?
Sorry for taking your time.


Senior Member
Hey Keeperdy,
Its been a while, to visit and now that the kids school holidays are upon us my children have been complaining about PS4 PRO 4.55 freezing and have to constantly hard power down.

I've read it could be related to the DB corruption and doing a rebuild of the DB via in safe mode is a solution?

However I also read the symptoms could be caused by the V2 userland (the qwertys rewrite version) that related to the longer loading times, failure to save, unable to close apps & properly shutdown of PS4 (it just hangs).

So the possible solution is the use "userland v1" (source) Thanks KiiWii.. AKA DefaultDNB, cheers m8!
  • V1 gives out OOM (out of memory) error a few times trying to load it but once it runs: no messing up anything.
  • V2 usually runs first time (occasionally java script error) and sometimes works fine, other times causes infinite loading/saving.
Is there a V3 or V4?

Admittedly I've only shown the kids to just run HEN once the PS4 loads up, but now looking at the readme I should be running original+HEN to run the exploit and maybe this will prevent the above?

Any idea's as to what's going on and why this recently started to occur more and more and having to hard power down the PS4?

I've not moved to 5.XX since there is no need for us but curious to know if there has been any others with the same issue and further updates to the userland versions that I can try and somehow replace all payloads with V1?

Apology for the bump of what maybe now an unsupported 4.55 release, as I only have the PS4KeeperDY2in1v1-2.bin and load this into the ESP8266 wasn't sure how to change to userland V1



Senior Member
@Kosti Hi, I've been using Original+HEN chain since April and had only two glitches - one reboot and one game frozen. If you make DB rebuild you will have to restore all the games you had. In such a case it's better to make full initialization - many people had the same problem as you have and it helped them. There are no more Userland versions except V1 and V2. Unfortunately you are unable to change userland version in my ESP FW.

My advice is to start using original+HEN chain and, if it does not help - make initialization of PS4 (but keep in mind about restoring/copying all the games)


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Thanks buddy, you always take the time to explain in detail!

As I use a FireCuda Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD) 2TB drive I am wondering if this is cause of the corruptions and I only went this route as my Seagate ST3000LM024 3TB BarraCuda 2.5" 15mm SATA3 5400RPM doesn't fit! Hence I went with the hybrid version but seeing others having similar failures and corruptions.

I never got back to this thread until now and found out the hard way that a DB rebuild would wipe the drive, so no I am start from scratch and perform a full initialization of PS4 SSHD, if it happens again I will pull it and run the 3TB externally

This weekend I will spend time reformatting and initialization of PS4 for 4.55FW

BTW have u moved to 5.0X or no real reason to move if only for a few titles?

EDIT - I have a userland file version 3 ?? labeled userland.jsV3alazif042 dated 28/03/2018, is this fake



My friend I am still at fw 4.55 but I can't play play God of War. With your ESP payload it's not playable on 4.55.

Can you tell me the method so I can try it? Also can you upload here the custom ESP that plays fw 5.00 games?

Thank you very much.


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No, I'm still on 4.55, I see no reason to update - 4-5 new titles are not worthy doing it, even new GoW is now playable on 4.55.

No, it's not a fake, very often Azif makes some modifications in payloads.

You can try using it via PC server and his host, if it's OK for you, I'll make a correspondent ESP FW for you ;)

@knight666666 Hi, you should find GoW release by DUPLEX (CUSA 07410) and patch for FW 4.74, then you will be able to start it up on 4.55 with any host which contains spoofed HEN.
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