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It would be useful that everybody that tests and succeds with a game, start a list of which ones we can use with this method. I can't start the list because for now i only tested Fifa 17 and it's a No No
so the list will be the same as the OFW 4.81 compatibility list ! For now nobody has achieved !

Even those who shared the video has tested a already working game !!!


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My guess would be a game backup originally intended for use on PS3 Custom Firmware that has been converted to play on a PlayStation 3 console running Sony's Official Firmware.


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Om albatawy kenapa setelah mau update reverter flashdiskku tidak terbaca ya? Saya sudah ganti hardisk tetap tidak terbaca. Sampai saya coba update lewat recovery mode tetap tidak terbaca. Bantu saya om.
step sy bgini lho ya,: dari ofw 4.81 install togobypass 4.81 via xmb, dari kiosk mo ke reverter ia recmod, beres.
@albatawy , could you make a video showing that method with a game that's not already on the 4.81OFW compatibility list, please.
someone sent me an inbox at ps3hax that the guy who inspired this method, was a hoax. i can't believe it till i get the first video and realized that the game is in compatibility list. so i will try to inject some more games.


Thanks for the tutorial Mas Albatawy, but what does converted cfw game means ? , is that pkg file from psndl?, ive been searching for how to convert ps3 game cfw but there is none

Sorry imma beginner , never use cfw before , thanks , answer please :D
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