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In PS5Scene news, following the RetroArch Emulator Cores for PS4 / PS5 come a few more emulators to use with the Mast1c0re Exploit via @Markus95 (aka @Kus00095) on Twitter including a ReGBA (GameBoy Advance emulator) and a SNES-Station (Super Nintendo emulator) for those in the PS4Scene and PS5Scene. 🕹️

Download: Emulator_PS4-PS5.rar (1.06 MB - includes REgba_PS2.iso and Snes-Station_PS2.iso)

Here's further details from the release page at, roughly translated: [PS5] 2 New Emulators for PlayStation 5

A little news to announce the arrival of 2 new emulators (PS2 version) for our PS4 9.00+ and PS5 6.50.

Indeed here is Regba, a GameBoy Advance emulator, which will therefore allow you to launch your GBA games on PS4 and PS5 thanks to the Mast1c0re exploit.

But it's not, here is also Snes-Station, for your Super Nintendo games and this again and again thanks to the Mast1c0re exploit...

You will therefore be able to launch your ROMs on your console, as usual the emus are 'delivered' without ROMs, you will have to add them yourself in the GBA folder for REgba and in the ROMS folder for Snes-Station... present in the.iso.

To do this you must extract all the files and folders of the .iso in CDgen V3, then add your ROMs in the folders mentioned above and to finish always with CDgen create an .iso.

A small donation to support me is always welcome ^^: markus00095 <3
More PS2 Emulators via Markus95 for Mast1c0re Exploit on PS4 & PS5.png


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