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Following his previous update, today PlayStation developer @MrNiato shared a video demonstrating his PS3 Console ID Generator that utilizes an active Sony exploit to get back on PSN, however, he notes this method can be patched at any time. :ninja:

Download: cidgenerator.rar (215 KB) / cidgenerator.rar (Mirror) / cidgenerator.rar (Mirror #2) / CID Public or Private Checker.exe / PS3 Console ID Public / Private Checker (6.7 MB) by x-Cameron-x

To quote from the PlayStation 3 video demo's caption: [PS3] Console ID Generator using Sony's Exploit (No more ban | Unlimited CIDs)

This can be patched at anytime !!! Using Sony's Exploit.

Why Sony's don't patch this exploit ? Well now if you are CID banned on BO3 or GTA V you can easily return online and ruin these games..... Really strange.

PlayStation 3 sceners might remember similar PS3 applications including PSIDPatch, PS3 IDPS Viewer, PS3 IDPS Changer, PS3 IDPStealer and PSID Generator as well.

Some related Tweets from on Twitter:
Update: Linked above via MrNiato is also a PlayStation 3 Console ID Public / Private Checker by x-Cameron-x with details below, to quote:

A developer name x-Cameron-x has posted his software to know if Console ID you use are public or private. He also said "A friend didn't know if his CID was private or not so it game me an idea. It's extremely simple to do, so i made it in PHP first but he didn't want to load up the URL every time, so i made it into an application.

It just searches Google for the inputted CID and if it returns anything, it returns Public on the tool, else it returns Private. Simple, not effective, about 70-85% accuracy but who the f*ck cares?"

He also posted the source code:
if(textEdit1.Text.Length < 32 || textEdit1.Text.Length > 32)


    XtraMessageBox.Show("Error. Console ID length is invalid.", "An Error Occured.");




    string req = new WebClient().DownloadString(""+ textEdit1.Text);

    if(req.Contains("- did not match"))


        XtraMessageBox.Show("Console ID: "+textEdit1.Text+Environment.NewLine+"Status: Private");




        XtraMessageBox.Show("Console ID: " + textEdit1.Text + Environment.NewLine + "Status: Public");


Cheers to @MrNiato for passing along the news in the PSXHAX Shoutbox earlier today! (y)
PS3 Console ID Generator Demo by MrNiato, Uses Sonys Exploit.jpg




YouTube Video is removed because was copyright by YT.

I edited, removed video. People can see screenshot take CID Generator.


Added MEGA Mirror fixed.

Official Website download is down.
NEED HELP can i use this in macbook is there any mirror where i can download this software for mac.. plz suggest i need to unban my psn...
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