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Well here is a save for Marvel Spider-Man CUSA11995, this save will get you the following trophies:
  • One More Time & Power & Responsibility
I take no credit for this, all I have done is re-region the save (First time)
I can confirm this works as I have tested it on a dummy account
This is after the fight , Just resign, load the save and then watch the cut scenes & then skip for the trophies to pop

Download: CUSA11995newgame+60%.rar (0.02 MB)


CUSA14876 Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled UNLOCK ALL (EU) List of Saves + Non-Pit Stop Unlocks:
  • Global Save (You need this one to access the unlocks)
  • Classic 101% (All Platinum Relics)
  • Easy 101% (All Platinum Relics)
  • Medium 101% (All Platinum Relics)
  • Hard Mode 101% (All Platinum Relics)
  • All Original Characters + King Chicken + Iron Checkpoint Crate
  • All Unlockable Skins (Exotic, Adventure Mode, Digital Dr. N. Trophy, etc.)
  • All Unlockable Karts w/decals
  • All Unlockable Wheels (including Master wheels)
  • All Unlockable Stickers
  • All Unlockable Paint Jobs (including Platinum)
  • All Cups Completed on Hard Mode
  • All Dr. N. Tropy, Oxide, Velo and Developer Ghosts Defeated on Every Track
Download: CUSA14876.Crash.Team.Racing.Nitro-Fueled-UNLOCK-ALL.rar (3.09 MB)

CUSA08519 Red Dead Redemption 2

1 Saves - Red Dead Redemption 2 - Modded Saves
  • 7% completion of the story
  • Map open
  • Max Money and Items
  • Infinite Health, Stamina and Dead Eye
  • Max Good Honour
2 Saves - Red Dead Redemption 2
  • 100% completion of the story
3 Saves - Red Dead Redemption 2
  • 2% completion of the story
Download: RDR2-7%cheat-100%-2%.rar (2.27 MB)


any ror2 save ?
lost hope finding any way ro make the game less painfully hard playing any survivor but the huntress with the enjoyable controller experience

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