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Recently Volodymyr Pikhur has been working on a PS4 IPL AES + HMAC Key Recovery Project with help from nedos utilizing a Verilog FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) to detect IPL (Initial Program Load) read and trigger capture board. :ninja:

PlayStation 4 hardware guys that favor FPGA's including @Chaos Kid will definitely take interest in this project, and here's to hoping we see some more on it in the future! <3

Below are some related Tweets from vpikhur including the demo video alongside some fresh PS4 MEMEs for developers:

Download: 175devkitipldecryptedbytwoconsoles.7z (259.92 KB)

PS4 IPL AES + HMAC Key Recovery Project Demo by Vpikhur.jpg



Lets work it out
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With all these devs working and releasing updates of their WIP, the scene is slowly starting to remove the attention on qwerty (and racer :p). People just need something to chew on while they wait.
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