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Hello all,

I've developed this PS4 Swiss Knife Beta 1.5 tool that makes very easy the way to create pkg of your games.

Multi ftp upload and no need to switch between different apps just click and wait.

At the end of process the folder where pkg is located will shown.

Download: (9.43 MB)

Spoiler: Depreciated


This app allows you to dump your PS4 Games to your HDD and create PKG to execute with latest HEN Exploit for PS4 Firmwares!

-) Multi FTP download
-) All in one app no need to use other software to create PKG!


-) .NET Framework 4
-) PS4 OFW 4.05
-) Gigabith Ethernet Connection (A 100Mb Connection will increase downloads times!!)
-) 200 GB HDD


-) Extract Package
-) Dobule click on PS4SwissKnife.exe
-) Click on Load Server Button
-) Follow Instructions
-) Enjoy!


When asked you must allow this app in Windows Firewall


-) multiple ip form needs to be fixed
-) create a faster multi threading ftp download
-) create a greetings/welcome screen
-) check typos

  • The Order
  • Call of Duty AW
  • Call of Duty BO 3
  • Ride
  • Batman Arkham Knight
  • Injustice Ultimate Edition
  • Now dumping Killzone...
This is in beta stage some things needs to be done so if anyone want to test this i will release the final version.

Obviously many tanks to all scene developers making this possible (Webkit Exploit) and:
  • to @XVortex for his great FTP payload and coding
  • to @NORATIO for your batch program (PKG KitchenAid)
  • to @cfwprophet for patching the tools..
Hope you can enjoy this..
PS4SwissKnife PS4 Swiss Knife Beta by Riccardo82 (G1zm0).png



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After I updated to 4.55 I did some tests, and have the following questions:
  • how I have to handle the dump of PKG game
  • when I have to start the HEN for starting the PKG Game


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Hello @lotus78 thank you for your feedback.

PKG game dump mode if for games without disc.

Load payload and follow instructions.

To create a PKG from a dumped game press "Create PKG from Dump" (warning dump must be created with included payload).

You can create multiple dump and then, when all games are dumped, you can attach usb drive and press Create PKG from Dump to create multiple PKGs...

To install / play a game you have to load hen with browser before all.

1) turn on ps4
2) load hen from browser
3) install pkg
4) play

to run a game:

1) turn on ps4
2) load hen from browser
4) play your gane

Hope it helps


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Hi @Riccardo82
thx -dumping works perfect - so I copied your modified dumper in my exploit, because your dumper works very fine. :tup:
(the original vortex 1.7 don´t work in my exploit - and as I read, some people have this problem too)


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Vortex payload has no problems, is the included kernel exploit that causes the palyolad to hang on usb detection.

I've fixed the problem in mine and add some modifications/stuff...

Thank you so much for your feedback.
Now i'm waiting for 5.05 kernel exploit to upgrade the software.
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