1. PS5 / DS5 Controller Rumors Surface Amid New Pictures from Tidux!

    it doesn't look ergonomic at all
  2. PS4 6.20 WebKit Code Execution Exploit PoC by SpecterDev!

    get the same thing for 1 year when all ps4 forums will be broken when ps4 is the only issue 5.05 get rid of ps4
  3. WebRTE.pkg: PS4 Trainer Web RTE Package and Payload Released

    hopefully be in the memory of the trainer page without internet
  4. PS4 Testing Kit on 6.20 Firmware Debug Settings Overview by MrNiato

    do the real ps4 version dropping and games 5.05
  5. Dead Island: Riptide 1.03 PS4 Dev / Cheat Menu by DeathRGH

    new single cheats are welcome king
  6. PS4 AIO v1.7.0 with 5.05 Firmware Support by MODDED WARFARE

    thank you my brother expecting more of their videos 5.55 :) error failed to send not command
  7. PS4Cheater: PS4 Cheater Homebrew App to Find Game Cheat Codes

    If you give CALL OF DUTY WWII CHT
  8. PS4 Source Community Trainer by DeathRGH

    @DeathRGH I'm getting an error Your implementation compared to an unhandled exception. If you click Continue, the application ignores this error and tries to continue. If the exit is not clicked, the application is immediately shut down. How can I fix this?