1. Upcoming Features for the PS4 UI Rumored by Tidux

    I would really like trophy progress šŸ† šŸ˜
  2. JailbreakMe PS4 4.05 Exploit / Webkit Working Confirms SpecterDev

    Uhm :bananaman:....HELL YEAH! :bud: Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Here's the 4.05 kernel exploit, fully implemented. Enjoy! Write-up coming soon! I've done a little write-up about the PS4 4.0x exploit. Those more knowledgeable feel free to correct my mistakes :) (@SpecterDev)
  3. PSXHAX.COM Poll: Which PS4 Firmware Version Are You Currently On?

    Pro 3.70, Pro 4.74, Phat 3.55.. just waiting on talented devs because I can't do a darn thing otherwise ;)
  4. Ukko's Journey Released: Very First PS3, PS4 & XB1 Blu-Play Title!

    I didn't know this was possible! Pretty neat I have to say
  5. Adrenaline 6.61 PSPemu CFW for TaiHEN on PS Vita by TheFloW

    I agree, I've seen where devs are/were working on an adapter for external solution, can't remember where I saw it so no source, but with all these sweet advancements would be sweeter with storage options!
  6. Vitamin_v1.0.vpk Official Vitamin by TheFloW, Major Tom & Mr. Gas

    v2.0 has been added to the repository :) along with a change log with some nice features it looks like
  7. FreeStyleDash 3 REV 775 (XBox 360)

    I get it now lol I got all excited thinking the team got back together for one last rendezvous! Oh well, good job VultraAID on adding content!
  8. FreeStyleDash 3 REV 775 (XBox 360)

    Yep, just wondering if I missed something in this article, apparently not. Great dash.
  9. FreeStyleDash 3 REV 775 (XBox 360)

    Isn't this the last update team fsd did!? Or am I missing something!?