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  1. PS5 Kernel Exploit Updated for 4.03 / 4.50 / 4.51 Firmware Versions

    Following the 4.03 PS5 Kernel Exploit and 4.50 PS5 Kernel Exploit, recently Cryptogenic's Repository with PS5 4.51 Support was updated via @DizzRL on Github alongside some Stability Improvements from chendochap on Github as well. :geek: Download: / GIT /...
  2. PS5 4.03 / 4.50 Kernel Exploit, BD-JB PS5 Loader & PS5 FTP Payload!

    Following the recently released 4.03 PS5 IPV6 Kernel Exploit & Rootvnode Listdir PoC comes a PS5 4.03 / 4.50 Kernel Exploit update via @SpecterDev on Twitter with reverse-engineering help from ChendoChap and testing by @DizzRL on Twitter alongside a BD-JB PlayStation 5 Payload Loader by...