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  1. Rebug CFW 4.78.2 Russian PKG Manager by Lightra1n is Released

    Earlier this week we saw the release of Rebug 4.78.2 PS3 CFW followed by the Rebug Toolbox Source Code, and today PlayStation 3 developer Lightra1n made available a RU PKG Manager for REBUG 4.78.2 for Russian PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware users. Download...
  2. B7U3 C50SS

    PS3 CFW 4.78 BY XxZer0ModZxX And Features Out!

    Features: 4.78-OFW Build in PUAD SEN-PSN Acces + latest SEN (pkg) support Added App_Home Added PS3_GAME (to mount games from multizer0 + more game support) Integrated Package Manager (Thx for this idea to REBUG and FERROX) Apllied patch - Lv1~Lv2 for Peek and Poke acces (removed Lv2 security...