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  1. Deeper Into PS5 with Eric Lempel, Chivalry 2 Cross Play Trailer Video

    Since yesterday's The Future of Gaming PS5 Show ending with the PS5 Hardware Unveiling, Sony PlayStation's Eric Lempel dug deeper into the PlayStation 5 answering some more questions via PS Blog on their next-generation video gaming console. 🤩 Also below is a Chivalry 2 cross-play PS5 / PS4...
  2. Sony Unveils PlayStation 5 Console Design at PS5 Future of Gaming Event!

    Wrapping up their PS5 - The Future of Gaming Show featuring numerous PlayStation 5 exclusive games, Sony finally unveiled the PlayStation 5 console design images in a PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer... and as expected it's nowhere near as futuristic looking as several PS5 Concept Videos we've seen...