1. RetroGamer74

    MiraHEN PS4 4.55 Port by CrazyVoidProgrammer and Demo Video

    Following the Developers Release of MiraFW: Project Mira v1.0 by OpenOrbis comes a PS4 4.55 Port by @CrazyVoid (aka CrazyVoidProgrammer) on his Github fork and an ELF and binary compiled by @pearlxcore via Twitter: Download: MiraFW_Orbis_455.elf (2.06 MB) / MiraFW_Orbis_455.bin (0.05 MB) /...
  2. GreenSmoke

    How to Flash an ESP8266 PS4 Device on Windows Guide by GreenSmoke

    This tutorial covers how to flash an ESP8266 device with a bin file using a windows PC for use on a PlayStation 4 console. What you will need: A ESP8266 with 4MB Flash A Micro USB cable A Windows PC A Bin File containing ESP8266 Firmware (A PS4 with Firmware 4.55 is required if you want to use...