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  1. cupecups

    ESPHost PS4Xploit Payloads for PS4 ESP8266 Devices by CupeCups

    Following the PS4 ESP8266 Tutorial I'm sharing my custom ESPHost PS4Xploit payloads for PS4 ESP8266 devices on Github as announced on Twitter. Download: ROSE-PS4XPLOIT_v1.bin / CUPS-PS4XPLOIT_v2.bin / BLACKHAT-50x_CUPS.bin / BLACKHAT-50x_CUPS-V31.bin / BLACKHAT-50x_CUPS-V32.bin /...
  2. kdwgamestore

    ESP8266 Flash Dumper Tools to Dump Your ESP8266 Firmware to .bin

    Here are some ESP8266 Flash Dumper tools used to dump your ESP8266 Firmware to .bin, then you can flash with flasher or flasher for PS4 ESP host and PS3 ESP host. :D Download : esp8266flashdumper.rar (216.24 KB - Windows x64 & 32 bit version) / esp8266flashdumper.rar...