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  1. Persona4Golden

    PS4 / PS Vita Cross-Saves with Apollo Save Tool and VitaShell Tutorial

    Hello everyone, found out how to save and replace saves from and to PS4-PS Vita for games that have been released on both platforms. Normally, the cross-save function baked in the games require PSN, so this is a way to get around that. Requirements: Both PS4 & PS Vita need to be...
  2. Persona4Golden

    Persona 3 Aegis Custom Dynamic Theme PS4 PKG by FlorinsDistortedVision

    Hello everyone, since my Changing the PS4 System Sounds Tutorial and How to Make a Custom Dynamic PS4 Theme Guide posted earlier, I (aka florinsdistortedvision) decided to make a PlayStation 4 custom Dynamic Theme PS4 PKG for Persona 3 using the Aegis character. Download: Persona 3 Aegis...
  3. Persona4Golden

    How to Make a Custom PS4 Dynamic Theme for a PlayStation 4 Console Guide

    Recently I (@Persona4Golden aka FLRIZBACK) shared a Changing All System Sounds on PS4 Tutorial, and today I've added to my FlorinsDistortedVision Github repository a guide on How to Make a Custom PS4 Dynamic Theme for a PlayStation 4 Console. Download: / GIT...
  4. PS4 Kiosk DVD iSO to Download IDU Game Demos & OMSK Inventory.json Mod

    Since the previous update from his YouTube Channel, game modder @manfightdragon (Lance McDonald's Patreon) shared on Twitter some footage of a PS4 Kiosk DVD iSO to Download ALL Game Demos alongside a PS4 OMSK Inventory.json Mod from @jose gozalez's YouTube Channel (Twitter) with more videos...