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  1. POOBS4: PS4 9.00 Jailbreak Exploit via ChendoChap with Updated Payloads!

    Another Festivus miracle... proceeding the PS4 9.00 Payloads, Caturday arrived early for the PS4Scene as ChendoChap (BTC: bc1qswmgpt7akstzrsudefjj88e7caxgmqfaxt59rf) just released the PS4 9.00 Jailbreak Exploit dubbed POOBS4 following @sleirsgoevy's PS4 9.00 Webkit Exploit for use in PlayStation...
  2. barelynotlegal

    GoldHEN v2.2.2 by SiSTR0: PS4 9.00, 7.55, 7.51, 7.50, 7.02, 6.72, 6.71 & 5.05 Payloads!

    Proceeding the GoldHEN 1.00 and GoldHEN 1.1 revisions, I look forward to trying the latest GoldHEN 2.0b2 followed by GoldHEN v2.1, GoldHEN v2.1.1, GoldHEN v2.1.2, GoldHEN v2.2, GoldHEN v2.2.1 and GoldHEN v2.2.2 PS4 Homebrew Enabler with BinLoader Server by SiSTR0 via @Al Azif on Twitter to run...