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  1. POOBS4: PS4 9.00 Jailbreak Exploit via ChendoChap with Updated Payloads!

    Another Festivus miracle... proceeding the PS4 9.00 Payloads, Caturday arrived early for the PS4Scene as ChendoChap (BTC: bc1qswmgpt7akstzrsudefjj88e7caxgmqfaxt59rf) just released the PS4 9.00 Jailbreak Exploit dubbed POOBS4 following @sleirsgoevy's PS4 9.00 Webkit Exploit for use in PlayStation...
  2. barelynotlegal

    GoldHEN v2.2.4 by SiSTR0: PS4 Jailbroken 9.00, 6.72 and 5.05 Payloads Arrive!

    Proceeding the GoldHEN 1.00 and GoldHEN 1.1 revisions, I look forward to trying GoldHEN 2.0b2 followed by GoldHEN v2.1, GoldHEN v2.1.1, GoldHEN v2.1.2, GoldHEN v2.2, GoldHEN v2.2.1, GoldHEN v2.2.2 (with BinLoader Server by SiSTR0 via @Al Azif on Twitter to run PS4 PKG Games as my PlayStation 4...