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  1. PS4 Movie Maker v1.0: Batch Script to Convert / Make Videos Into .PKGs

    Since his Beginning Of The End PS4 Homebrew Game Demo PKG and the recent PS4 PKG Videos Demonstration, PlayStation 4 Scene developer @Markus95 (aka @Kus00095) shared via Twitter a Windows Batch Script called PS4 Movie Maker v1.0 to convert / make videos into PS4 .PKGs for playback on PlayStation...
  2. CyB1K

    PS4 Fake PKG Tools with Fake PKG Generator 3.87 Patched for FPKGs by CyB1K

    Today I (@CyB1K on Github or Cyberpt1000 on Twitter) present PS4 Fake PKG Tools 3.87 including Fake PKG Generator for PS4 Version 3.87 (Build 3.87.7549.35163) Patched for PS4 FPKGs with a Custom PKG Key, Fake SELF Support and Online Checks Patched followed by some updates for Keystones, the...
  3. PKGDT: PS4 PKG Downgrade Tools GUI for Backporting Games by Gerfra

    There's no shortage of options when seeking a Windows utility for PS4 Backporting games from 6.72 to 5.05 Firmware, with the latest being PKGDT which is a suite of PS4 PKG Downgrade Tools featuring a GUI by gerfra (Twitter) of Nextechnics. :cool: Download: (40.7 KB) /
  4. tooretoo42

    PS4 FPKG (Fake PKG) Update Repackager Script by Tooretoo42

    Following the initial work from Duxa (Chrushev) and my testing I continued to work on my script below, which was then proceeded by PS4 PKG Repackager version 6.15.18. What is this ? T42-repackager is a script that make quick and easy the repackaging of PS4 FPKG updates (fully automated...