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  1. PlayStation Home Trademark Updates and Revival for PSVR 2 Rumored

    Would anyone welcome a revival of Sony's PlayStation Home virtual 3D social gaming platform from back in the PS3Scene days? 🏠 According to reports on the recent PlayStation Home Trademark and Soho Engine (used for PS Home) updates, a comeback may be in the works with Redditors theorizing the...
  2. IPS PS4: Module to Control a PlayStation 4 via IP-Symcon by Schnittcher

    Proceeding PS4 Waker, PS4 Alexa and PyWakePS4 on BT developer Schnittcher made available on Github IPS PS4 which is module to control a PlayStation 4 console via IP-Symcon home automation software. 🏠 🤖 Download: / GIT To quote via KaiS, roughly translated: Hello everybody...

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