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Would anyone welcome a revival of Sony's PlayStation Home virtual 3D social gaming platform from back in the PS3Scene days? 🏠

According to reports on the recent PlayStation Home Trademark and Soho Engine (used for PS Home) updates, a comeback may be in the works with Redditors theorizing the upcoming PSVR 2 System and PSVR2 Controller may support it as well.

To quote from on the PlayStation Home Trademark Updates:

"The trademark update talks about hosting and staging online tournaments, social networking services, and much more. It's essentially what PS Home was developed for."

This fuels further speculation following Sony's prior announcement to expand tournaments, coupled with their recently uncovered Cloud Gaming & Method to Stream Video and PS5 Online Tournament Integration patents. :unsure:

For the time being, those yearning for their PS Home fix can check out the PlayStation Home Offline Preservation Project alongside and a PlayStation Home Scene List Spreadsheet repo on Github courtesy of @NagatoRevenge... who also goes by NagatoRevenge on Twitter and NagatosRevenge on YouTube. :lovewins:
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Surprisingly, there doesn't appear to be as much interest in the possibility of PlayStation Home returning as I thought there would be.

Maybe the concept is already too antiquated for today's Discord-reliant generation... of course I can't stand Discord either, mIRC FTW!!! 🤪
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