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  1. PS4REN: PS4 Remote Play Enabler for 5.05 by Golden and SiSTRo!

    Today is the first snowfall here, and following the previous PlayStation 4 Remote Play developments, patchers and enablers for non-activated consoles developers golden (aka xemio, cloverleafswag3 and @g991) and SiSTR0 (who helped @CelesteBlue with PKG2USB Payloads) have now made available PS4REN...
  2. Remote Play PSVita and PS4 without updating or PSN?

    Hello, there is a way to remote play using 3.60 henkaku psvita and 4.05 Ps4? (without updating or using psn) Unfortunately my wife/son1/son2/etc doesnt permit me to play with my 50 Inc plasma, so I need a workaround ;) Ps. Sorry for my bad English
  3. PS4 Remote Play Interceptor and PS4 Macro Utility by Komefai

    PlayStation 4 developer Komefai recently released a PS4 Remote Play Interceptor powered by EasyHook alongside a PS4 Macro automation utility written in C# with some background on his Blog for creating a PS4 bot and demonstration videos from his YouTube Channel below. :geekxf2: Download...
  4. PS4 Remote Play PSN Sign-in Bypass Guide by Yifan Lu

    Last week reported on a PS Vita Netcheck Bypass, and today PlayStation 4 developer Yifan Lu shared a PS4 Remote Play PSN sign-in bypass guide for use with their taiHENkaku HENkaku taiHEN CFW framework. :geekxf2: To quote from Yifan Lu on his tutorial: PS4 Remote Play Without PSN Sign-in Remote...