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PlayStation 4 developer Komefai recently released a PS4 Remote Play Interceptor powered by EasyHook alongside a PS4 Macro automation utility written in C# with some background on his Blog for creating a PS4 bot and demonstration videos from his YouTube Channel below. :geek:

Download: / PS4RemotePlayInterceptor GIT / PS4 Macro v0.2.0 / PS4Macro GIT / Miles123456 Fork / JoriTheBot Fork

From the file: PS4 Remote Play Interceptor

A small .NET library to intercept controls on PS4 Remote Play for Windows, powered by EasyHook. The library can be used to automate any PS4 game. See the prototype demo.

Also check out PS4 Macro repository for a ready-to-use software built on this library.


Using NuGet (Recommended)
Install-Package PS4RemotePlayInterceptor
From Source

Add reference to PS4RemotePlayInterceptor.dll.

Example Usage

This console application will hold the X button while moving the left analog stick upwards until interrupted by a keypress.
using PS4RemotePlayInterceptor;

class Program
   static void Main(string[] args)
       // Inject into PS4 Remote Play
       Interceptor.Callback = new InterceptionDelegate(OnReceiveData);


   private static void OnReceiveData(ref DualShockState state)
       /* -- Modify the controller state here -- */

       // Force press X
       state.Cross = true;

       // Force left analog upwards
       state.LY = 0;

       // Force left analog downwards
       // state.LY = 255;

       // Force left analog to center
       // state.LX = 128;
       // state.LY = 128;
To-Do List
  • Bluetooth support
  • Touchpad support
  • Accelerometer support
  • Intercept ouput reports
  • Emulating DualShock controller
{"STATUS_INTERNAL_ERROR: Unknown error in injected C++ completion routine. (Code: 15)"}
SOLUTION: Restart PS4 Remote Play.
DualshockState Could not be found
SOLUTION: Rename to DualShockState for version >= 0.2.0

And from the PS4 Remote Play automation utility's file: PS4 Macro

Automation utility for PS4 Remote Play written in C# using PS4RemotePlayInterceptor.



Download latest version here!

:alert: You must have DualShock 4 controller plugged in via USB with PS4 Remote Play running.

To record, click on record button (Ctrl+R) to arm recording then press play to start recording controls. To stop recording, click on record button (Ctrl+R) to unarm. The macro will then play the controls in a loop.

See this video for more details.

To-Do List
  • Save/Load
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Status Indicators
  • Playback Timeline UI
  • Scripting
  • ...

Reinstall NuGet Package
Update-Package –reinstall PS4RemotePlayInterceptor

PS4 Macro v0.2.0
  • Can Save/Load macros as xml
  • Added keyboard shortcuts
  • Added indicator for frames
  • Added app icon
  • Improve error handling
  • Bug fixes

PS4 Macro v0.1.0
  • First version with simple recording and playback feature

PS4 Remote Play Patcher v2.0.1 by MysteryDash

Download: / GIT

Cheers to @HydrogenNGU for the heads-up on Twitter earlier this weekend for the news! :beer:
PS4 Remote Play Interceptor and PS4 Macro by Komefai.jpg



Staff Member
Here's a brief update for those following, thanks to @raedoob:

PS4Macro.Remote is dead, but you can use the Remapper feature in PS4 Macro v0.5.0+ instead!
:arrow: Updates since the OP:

PS4 Macro v0.2.1

  • Automatically detect and inject to PS4 Remote Play without having to restart PS4 Macro
  • Fix 'Options' button not working bug
PS4 Macro v0.2.2

  • Add support for touchpad, accelerometer, and gyro
  • Can start the application without having PS4 Remote Play running
PS4 Macro v0.3.0

  • Add scripting support (loading DLL files)
  • Add tools to help with script development
  • Able to override certain settings using settings.xml
  • Disable Auto-Inject by default due to being incompatible with some machines (can be re-enabled in settings.xml)
  • Bug fixes
PS4 Macro v0.3.1

  • Update scripting API with more config variables and methods
  • Add XML documentation comments in scripting API
  • Compatibility fixes
  • Bug fixes
PS4 Macro v0.4.0

  • Able to use without a controller by enabling controller emulation in settings [EXPERIMENTAL]
  • Add option to show debugging console in settings (useful for scripting)
PS4 Macro v0.5.0

  • Add looping option to macro playback
  • Add macro trimming feature used for trimming out the idle frames in the start and end of the macro (Edit->Trim Macro)
  • Add Remapper from PS4Macro.Remote that binds PC keyboard to PS4 controls (Tools->Remapper)
  • Add recording shortcut (Record On Touch) by pressing the "Touch" button on the controller (Playback-> Record On Touch)
  • Add command line arguments to override values in settings.xml (useful for shortcuts)
  • Fix crashes when closing the app before PS4 Remote Play
PS4 Macro v0.5.1

  • Fix Save/Save As menu stuck in disabled state
  • Fix NullReferenceException error when using the "Trim Macro" feature


Staff Member
Another brief update by Komefai on GitHub: PS4 Macro v0.5.2

  • Add Macro Compressor tool (Tools->Macro Compressor) which will discard unused values and spaces in a macro (resulting in a much smaller file)
  • Add "BypassInjection" in settings used for debugging
  • Add "SettingsFile" command line argument to override the path of settings.xml
  • Support touch inputs when trimming macro
  • Autocorrect key binding errors in Remapper (eg. w to W)
  • Compensate the speed of macro playback when using controller emulation
  • Fix ArgumentException when trying to trim an already trimmed macro
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