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  1. Orbis Suite for PS4 Homebrew Development & OrbisFTP by OSM-Made (OldSchoolModz)

    Proceeding the PKGDT Suite of PS4 PKG Backporting Tools, developer OSM-Made (@oldschoolmodzhd aka OLDSCHOOLMODZ on Twitter) recently updated Orbis Suite with PS4 6.72 Jailbroken Console support for PlayStation 4 homebrew development alongside an Orbis Suite preview video from his YouTube Channel...
  2. PS4 Homebrew FTP Server OpenOrbis PKG Unofficial Release

    With the Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo officially released now and in preparation for the upcoming OpenOrbis DevKit by the OpenOrbis Team, today @zecoxao shared on Twitter the first unofficial (per kd_tech) PS4 Homebrew FTP Server PKG made with it. :geek: According to @CrazyVoid on Twitter to...