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  1. PKG2Zip by MMOZeiko for Decrypting / Zipping PS Vita PKG Files

    Those seeking an alternative to PKGDecrypt may want to check out PKG2Zip by mmozeiko, which decrypts PlayStation Vita PKG files and creates zip packages optionally embedding a NoNpDrm license into the work.bin file. :cool: Download: pkg2zip (32bit / 64bit) / GIT / NoPayStation / NoPayStation...
  2. PKGDecrypt by St4rk Arrives, Decrypts PS Vita Package (PKG) Files

    Just recently we saw support for kernel dumping added to VitaDump, and today PlayStation Vita developer St4rk released PKGDecrypt which decrypts and extracts PS Vita Package (PKG) files! :lovexf2: Download: / GIT / vitakeys (fixed) / vitatool (fixed) / PKG EXTRACTOR AND...

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