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  1. PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PlayStation 5 (PS5) DevKit Leak Rumors Surface!

    It's been quite awhile since the last round of PS3 and PS4 Software Development Kit leaks from @KromeMods back in July 2017, but according to rumors via D3fau4 (aka @Defaud) and zavtracast on Twitter a new batch purportedly surfaced including PS4 and PS5 DevKits as a result of a CD Projekt Red...
  2. Development Environment Ready-To-Use for PS4 Devkit by BenMitnicK

    Following his BMK AT9 & AT3 Converter for PS4 and VitaShellMod VPK Update, developer @BenMitnicK recently made available a Debian Buster X64 Development Environment Ready-To-Use for PS4 / PS3 / PSP / PS Vita / Switch / XBox 360 Devkit on Twitter for scene devs to make use of split in 5 parts...

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