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  1. REBUG 4.80.1 LightRa1n Mod PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) Arrives

    Following the release of Rebug CFW 4.80.1, PlayStation 3 developer Lightra1n has now made available a modified PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware version dubbed REBUG 4.80.1 LightRa1n Mod with details and a demo video below. Download: Rebug_4.80.1_Ra1n_MOD.PS3UPDAT (208.5 MB) MD5 Hash...
  2. XxZer0ModZxX

    PS3 4.80 CFW CEX v1.00 by Team_Zer0

    Bit later than expected.. but we all got a life right? ;) Thx to the people for the requests! Its nice people still follow our work. The same for the multiZer0 filemanagers! Features: 4.80-OFW Build in PUAD SEN-PSN Acces + latest SEN (pkg) support Added App_Home Added PS3_GAME (to mount...
  3. PS3 CFW SPY 4.78 Cobra with Integrated Spoof 4.80 by DarekSpy

    Following the ARCH PS3 4.80 Spoofer and FERROX 4.80 PS3 CFW, PlayStation 3 developer darekspy_ recently released PS3 CFW SPY 4.78 Cobra with Integrated Spoof 4.80 for those interested. Download: NEW_4.78_SPOOF480_PS3UPDAT.PUP (199.8 MB) MD5 Hash: 816B64B3A9D38F6A258F689D3369ECE9
  4. IrisMAN v3.50.10 (Stealth) with PS3 CFW 4.80 Support by MIZIO90

    Following the previous official update, today PlayStation 3 developer MIZIO90 released an unofficial update to IrisMAN v3.50.10 (Stealth) with PS3 CFW 4.80 support included! Download: IrisMAN_v3.50.10__CFW_4.80__STEALTH_ANIMATED_MIZIO90.pkg (16 MB) To quote, roughly translated: IrisMAN...
  5. PS3 CFW FERROX 4.80 v1.0 Standard CEX

    Following the previous updates, PlayStation 3 developer @Alexanderss returns with 4.80 FERROX CFW v1.00 (Standard CEX) which supports PS3 4.80 Firmware with details below. Features: Built on the basis of OFW 4.80 SONY. PSN / SEN Enabled. Update from any possibility of CFW (CEX). Ability to...

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