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  1. BwE

    BwE PS4 NOR Repair Guide by BetterWayElectronics

    A few months ago I posted a BwE Complete PS4 NOR Removal Guide followed by my BwE PS4 NOR Comparator, and today's Tutorial covers a lesson in corruption repair on PS4 NOR Repairs by Better Way Electronics. Here in my favourite example we have a dump that does not boot, is ultimately displaying...
  2. PS4 Reballed by Vyktormvmpay25, Seeking Devs to Compare Dumps

    We've seen PlayStation 4 hardware mod projects including UniversalFlash with a Glitch Pinout, a PSN Gamesharing Hardware Mod followed by a cheap Dump Programmer and recently video game console modder vyktormvmpay25 shared pictures of his first reballed PlayStation 4 console inviting developers...

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