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We've seen PlayStation 4 hardware mod projects including UniversalFlash with a Glitch Pinout, a PSN Gamesharing Hardware Mod followed by a cheap Dump Programmer and recently video game console modder vyktormvmpay25 shared pictures of his first reballed PlayStation 4 console inviting developers interested in examining and comparing the PS4 dumps to contact him. <3

For PS4 hardware modders, previously professional console service shop Virtual Future shared a gallery documenting the PlayStation 4 reballing of Sony's APU CXD90026G BGA chip by Spox_2 as well.

To quote: "This is my first PS4 reballed and I intend to make a few tests and if any developer interested to mod/modifications to dump just sent me an pm and will give this dump for experiments and test.

I have 5 blank eproms atm for it and interested to make many tests. ATM just finished my work with reball and will try to make this dump first. Don't own an controller ATM but will get it soon."

Check out the pictures below alongside some PS4 BLOD Repair videos via the Dev Wiki that detail the reballing of the PS4 APU CXD90026G BGA chip from consumer electronics repair shop Advanced Reworks and rework extraordinaire Andrew Paul! :notworthy:

PS4 reballed 1.jpg PS4 reballed 2.jpg PS4 reballed 3.jpg PS4 reballed 4.jpg PS4 reballed 5.jpg dsc_1173.jpg apu_cxd90026g.jpg apu_w_ps4.jpg demonta_konsoli_ps4.jpg demonta_napdu_w_ps4.jpg dual_shock_4.jpg nowe_spoiwo_lutownicze_w_apu.jpg pyta_gwna_ps4_bez_apu.jpg pyta_gwna_ps4_dolny_widok.jpg pyta_gwna_ps4_gra.jpg przygotowanie_pyty.jpg reballing_apu_na_stopie_sn63pb37.jpg vf_serwis.jpg wymontowany_ukad_apu.jpg wypozycjonowany_apu_w_ps4.jpg
PS4 PlayStation 4 Repair Reball Reflow Blue Light No-video Video Issues BLOD
PS4 Reballing APU BGA - Fix Blue Light of Death (BLOD) Full Tutorial
PS4 Reballed by Vyktormvmpay25, Now Seeking Devs to Compare Dumps.jpg


The 'point' is we're helping spread the word that someone talented enough to successfully reball their PlayStation 4 is now offering the dumps to PS4 developers to study.

How could you possibly miss that? If you didn't read past the title a blind monkey still would have figured it out :X3:
Indeed, the struggle is real... equally frustrating is the selfie generation's disproportionate balance of patience and self-worth, they want everything right away and it's always about me, me, me yet most contribute nothing to help. :rolleyes:
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