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Those unfamiliar with PS4Scene repair and rework extraordinaire Andrew Paul's PS4 Blue Light of Death (BLoD) Fixes including BGA Chip Reballing / Reflowing to resolve PlayStation 4 video output issues can check out some of his past work HERE, with his latest endeavor being a PS4 SAA / SAB Motherboard HDMI Patch PCB complete with free Gerber Format files for those who'd like to make their own alongside details on prefabricated printed circuit board sales below. 🤓

Download: (24.0 KB) / How to Order PCB via

Best known for Andrew Paul's YouTube Channel, his site is currently under construction but those who appreciate his continued work may send him a PayPal donation via YTAndrewPaulTR. <3

Here are his latest videos with details from the descriptions on each:

The new PS4 HDMI Patch: ALL the details, pricing, orders, future bespoke products etc!

This video shows the all new HDMI Patch - a new product from YTAndrewPaul Tech Repairs. Initially available for original PS4 consoles with the SAA/SAB-001 motherboard, if you have a board where the HDMI header has been badly damaged, rather than having to manually re-wire the port with small gauge wire, you can place this into position, bridge solder to the neighbouring components where the solder pads are located and then install your new HDMI port exactly the same as you would if the board was undamaged.

It's a great time-saver and it's proven itself to be a reliable repair out in the field over the last year. Grab yours today - ÂŁ5.99 which includes shipping to a UK Mainland address. We can ship worldwide for just a couple of extra pounds. If you're a business and would like to discuss larger quantities and pricing etc then feel free to drop me an email at the email address at the top of this video description. Thank you all!


This video showcases the release of the PS4 HDMI Patch for SAA/SAB Motherboards, version 2.0. If you'd like to buy these items from myself for ÂŁ5.99 including UK shipping (international shipping is also available), please email me with your quantity requirements and location here: [email protected]

Alternatively, grab the gerber files for the PCB here and get some made up yourselves. Enjoy!

To support me as the creator, you can send a donation for what you think it's worth to my address here:

If you'd rather not, well that's fine too. Now everyone can benefit for gratis if they so choose? My other works for other HDMI patches etc will also be released like this from this point forwards. Whether I make any up myself to sell on in future will depend entirely on the demand from you guys out there.

PS4 SAA SAB HDMI Patch PCB Gerber Files and Sales by Andrew Paul.jpg


This is a pretty big deal, email sent to try one myself.

For people who don't fix HDMI ports, they have no idea how much easier this is now going to be. This will also show if a repair shop is out for your money or love fixing things as HDMI price drops can be lowered.

Although its best to replace direct, for a damaged board this is amazing, I hope to see other board models later.
Mentioned in the YouTube video announcing these how big it is for us in the repair community. This saves A LOT of time and effort!

As soon as they can be made for every version and modern console the better. Wiring all the pins to components and then stabilizing is just a pain in the rear end.
This is something simple yet so time efficient and effective. I'm pleased to learn it is open source but I just hope people who make a profit off his hard work give some contribution towards him. Some people are leeches and they ruin it for the others - I hope people get named/shamed and boycotted for selling overpriced hardware.
May I ask how on earth you use patch 2.0? With the extra piece to stick out, I have a hard time imagining how it should be mounted. If you still have the files for V1.0 I would be very happy to receive them
As far as I can tell Gerber files for v1.0 weren't publicly released, if I do run across them at some point though we'll add them to the OP. ;)
I ordered them about 10 days ago and I received it today. This is just as I imagined. This DOES NOT WORK for SAA / SAB motherboards and this guy who made patch 2 must have been drunk when he made it. What a big disappointment.

He said he chose it to be ffc instead of pcb and that it is 0.1mm. The lowest size you can choose is 0.4 mm on JLCPCB. Now tell me, why do you refer us to go to easyeda when easyeda refers us to go to jlcpcb where they do not do ffc?

Unless I missed something, they do not. Also the files come preconfigured. And it is not a configuration that fits on SAB / SAA boards on JLCPCB.
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