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  1. to Retrieve Data from Any PS4 Console via SFlash Dump!

    Today PlayStation 4 developer @zecoxao shared a Python Script ( with updated revisions below) via Twitter from 'the usual suspect' that converts the wrapped key blobs stored in sflash0 into eap_hdd_key, which can then be used to retrieve data from any PS4 console (DevKit, Retail...
  2. OrbisMAN (BETA) PS4 Homebrew Application by LightningMods

    Following his previous updates, today PlayStation 4 developer @LightningMods made available a BETA release of his PS4 OrbisMAN homebrew application which handles tasks similar to what multiple PS4 Payloads do in an all-in-one PKG file for jailbroken 4.55 and 5.05 consoles. :ninja: Download...
  3. PS4 EAP Kernel Dumps & Standalone PS4 Exploit Host RPi Installer

    Following the PS4 Rest Mode REcon Demo and Slideshow PDF of Volodymyr Pikhur's presentation comes some PS4 EAP Kernels from 1.01, 1.76 and 4.05 OFW via notzecoxao for developers alongside a Standalone RPi installer for PS4 Exploit Host (no router, no switch) by @Al Azif who's currently working...
  4. LightningMods

    PS4Ninja PlayStation 4 File Browser Source Code by M0rph3us1987

    Following his previous releases, today PlayStation 4 developer m0rph3us1987 let us know on Twitter that he's abandoning the PS4Ninja project so he's decided to share the PS4Ninja file browser homebrew application's source code with PS4 community developers! :ninja: Download: