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Today PlayStation 4 developer @zecoxao shared a Python Script ( with updated revisions below) via Twitter from 'the usual suspect' that converts the wrapped key blobs stored in sflash0 into eap_hdd_key, which can then be used to retrieve data from any PS4 console (DevKit, Retail, TestKit) with an SFlash dump! 😍

Download: (5.29 KB) / (v2) (5.36 KB - outputs the keys to a file called keys.bin, to be used on Linux with Cryptmount) / (v3) (5.57 KB - error handling on sflash0 size and on magic check, in order for the hdd script to work, the dump of sflash0 must have EXACTLY 32MB - 0x2000000 bytes): (v3)
#!/usr/bin/env python

from binascii import hexlify as hx
from pathlib import Path

import sys, os, struct
import hashlib, hmac

from Crypto.Cipher import AES
from Crypto.Util import Counter

def aes_encrypt_ecb(key, data):
    crypto =, AES.MODE_ECB)
    return crypto.encrypt(data)

def aes_decrypt_ecb(key, data):
    crypto =, AES.MODE_ECB)
    return crypto.decrypt(data)

def aes_encrypt_cbc(key, iv, data):
    crypto =, AES.MODE_CBC, iv)
    return crypto.encrypt(data)

def aes_decrypt_cbc(key, iv, data):
    crypto =, AES.MODE_CBC, iv)
    return crypto.decrypt(data)

def hmac_sha256(key, data):
    return, msg=data, digestmod=hashlib.sha256).digest()

portability_seed_key = 'E973A44C578757A73492625D2CE2D76B'.decode('hex')
portability_seed = 'DF0C2552DFC7F4F089B9D52DAA0E572A'.decode('hex')

# generate portability key
portability_key = aes_encrypt_ecb(portability_seed_key, portability_seed)

# generate keys from seeds
eap_hdd_key_blob_key1_seed = '7A49D928D2243C9C4D6E1EA8F5B4E229317E0DCAD2ABE5C56D2540572FB4B6E3'.decode('hex')
eap_hdd_key_blob_key2_seed = '921CE9C8184C5DD476F4B5D3981F7E2F468193ED071E19FFFD66B693534689D6'.decode('hex')

eap_hdd_key_blob_key1 = aes_encrypt_ecb(portability_key, eap_hdd_key_blob_key1_seed)
eap_hdd_key_blob_key2 = aes_encrypt_ecb(portability_key, eap_hdd_key_blob_key2_seed)

use_new_blob = False

SFLASH0 = open('sflash0', 'rb')
length = Path('sflash0').stat().st_size
if length != 0x2000000:
    raise SystemExit("not correct size! leaving...")
data =

# ICC NVS: block #4, offset 0x200, size 0x40/0x60, magic 0xE5E5E501 (big endian)
#eap_hdd_wrapped_key = <PASTE KEY HERE>.decode('hex')

print('[DEBUG] ' + hx(data[0x1C91FC:0x1C9200]))

if data[0x1C91FC:0x1C9200] == '\xE5\xE5\xE5\x01':
    print('[DEBUG] ' + hx(data[0x1C9240:0x1C9250]))
    raise SystemExit("not correct magic! leaving...")

if data[0x1C9240:0x1C9250] == '\xFF' * 16:
    eap_hdd_wrapped_key = data[0x1C9200:0x1C9240]
    print('[DEBUG] LEN 40 | ' + hx(eap_hdd_wrapped_key))
    eap_hdd_wrapped_key = data[0x1C9200:0x1C9260]
    print('[DEBUG] LEN 60 | ' + hx(eap_hdd_wrapped_key))

# ICC NVS: block #4, offset 0x60, size 0x4
#smi_version = 0x03700000
#smi_version = 0x03150000

print('[DEBUG] ' + hx(data[0x1C9060:0x1C9064]))

smi_version = struct.unpack('<i',data[0x1C9060:0x1C9064])[0]

# verify and decrypt eap key blob
if use_new_blob:
    eap_hdd_key_blob_enc = 'CFFDCB6ECAE612B7A30A9EDBD8F77E261D629DE5E6CA3F22F439211AC033884F4B5D7D16D0A6F65D3173A2586CF819C7C6F437444C1D9499F6EBC4145E0BBAABC1DE7C63ED1F5A1E1946358C7F181B1FAB6DAB31195D8E611A1CB81B9ACF8B38FF21029FAB568C7A1BCC3E2FBEB25B13F1AFD6A3599EEF09EAEBE32684FDDA29'.decode('hex')
    eap_hdd_key_blob_sig = '4798B78DD422601F26A32A1FEC5CAB8B256E50958E0B11A31D77DEE201D4D00E'.decode('hex')
    eap_hdd_key_blob_iv = '462500ECC487F0A8C2F39511E020CC59'.decode('hex')
    eap_hdd_key_blob_enc = 'E073B691E177D39642DF2E1D583D0E9A5A49EDF72BE9412E2B433E51490CE973234B84F49E949F03727331D5456F4598F2EDE6D0C11483B84CE3283243D0DE9DC379E915301A805DFAEB292B30374C9BF1C59041509BF11D215C35D5C08E3330807C8229C930FAB88672C4CF7DACA881C323D72346CA07921DB806FC242A2ED1'.decode('hex')
    eap_hdd_key_blob_sig = 'ED4F32C095847C6D3143EFFD61E7582F75F24465855C4E94DAF34885D8D03463'.decode('hex')
    eap_hdd_key_blob_iv = '3286EA97F3E92C434E1DC170C9289003'.decode('hex')

selected_key = eap_hdd_key_blob_key1
computed_signature = hmac_sha256(selected_key[0x10:0x20], eap_hdd_key_blob_enc)
if computed_signature != eap_hdd_key_blob_sig:
    selected_key = eap_hdd_key_blob_key2
    computed_signature = hmac_sha256(selected_key[0x10:0x20], eap_hdd_key_blob_enc)
    if computed_signature != eap_hdd_key_blob_sig:
        print('error: invalid signature')
eap_hdd_key_blob = aes_decrypt_cbc(selected_key[0x00:0x10], eap_hdd_key_blob_iv, eap_hdd_key_blob_enc)
if not eap_hdd_key_blob.startswith('SCE_EAP_HDD__KEY'):
    print('error: invalid magic')

eap_hdd_key_blob = 'SCE_EAP_HDD__KEY' + \

if use_new_blob:
    eap_hdd_unwrapped_key = aes_decrypt_cbc(eap_hdd_key_blob[0x60:0x70], '\0' * 0x10, eap_hdd_wrapped_key[:0x40])
    eap_hdd_unwrapped_key = aes_decrypt_cbc(eap_hdd_key_blob[0x50:0x60], '\0' * 0x10, eap_hdd_wrapped_key[:0x40])
#print('eap_hdd_unwrapped_key', eap_hdd_unwrapped_key.encode('hex').upper())

eap_hdd_key_offset = 0x10 if (smi_version == 0xFFFFFFFF or smi_version < 0x4000000) else 0x20
eap_hdd_unwrapped_key_dec = aes_decrypt_cbc(eap_hdd_key_blob[eap_hdd_key_offset:eap_hdd_key_offset + 0x10], '\0' * 0x10, eap_hdd_unwrapped_key)
if eap_hdd_unwrapped_key_dec[0x10:0x20] != '\0' * 0x10:
    eap_hdd_unwrapped_key_dec = aes_decrypt_cbc(eap_hdd_key_blob[eap_hdd_key_offset:eap_hdd_key_offset + 0x10], '\0' * 0x10, eap_hdd_wrapped_key[:0x10])

if use_new_blob:
    eap_partition_key = hmac_sha256(eap_hdd_unwrapped_key_dec[:0x10], eap_hdd_key_blob[0x40:0x50])
    eap_partition_key = hmac_sha256(eap_hdd_unwrapped_key_dec[:0x10], eap_hdd_key_blob[0x30:0x40])

tweak_key = eap_partition_key[0x00:0x10]
data_key = eap_partition_key[0x10:0x20]

print('XTS data key:', data_key.encode('hex').upper())
print('XTS tweak key:', tweak_key.encode('hex').upper())

keys = open('keys.bin', 'wb')
As previously noted, in PS4 6.50 Firmware Sony introduced a new EAP HDD kernel... and this comes following a Guide to Obtain Your PS4 SFlash via PS4 Root FTP Server, a Decrypted EAP Partition Key Script (SAMU will decrypt the key), some PS4 EAP Kernel Dumps, a PS4 Registry Editor to examine the resulting system.eap file and a PS4 EAP Key Dumping and Decrypting Guide video tutorial.

Then came a PS4 HDD Reading Config File for Cryptmount and details on how to automatically dump the PS4 EAP Key to /etc/cryptsetp/eap_hdd_key.bin via PSXITArch Linux v2 without using OrbisMAN, SFlash0Unpack and PS4 SFlash0 Tools to unpack SFlash0 files in PS4 Flash dumps alongside a Python version, a Guide for Mounting a PS4 HDD in Linux on PC and a PS4-EAP-KEY-DUMPER-672.bin payload that dumps the PS4 EAP Key to /mnt/usb0/eap_key.bin for use with Jailbroken PS4 6.72 consoles.

Finally, below is a brief summary by @CelesteBlue via Twitter of what's now possible with the from the Tweets below to quote:
  • That means from now anyone can read his PS4 HDD/SSD data after having used a hardware flasher to dump its flash memory.
  • Before that, only exploited PS4 consoles could, by dumping running kernel memory or with kernel execution.

As of now, to be able to access your PS4 HDD/SSD content you can do:
  • for PS4s on FWs <= 6.72: dump by software your PS4 eap_hdd_key using kernel exploit.
  • for PS4s on any FW: dump by hardware your PS4 sflash0 then run the script to convert to eap_hdd_key. to Retrieve Data from Any PS4 Console via SFlash Dump!.jpg



I remember once using a silimar method that allows reading the ps3 disk to be able to rescue the information (system boot failure) and so that the play will not format the hdd, I used a program that allowed me to rescue my first 40 GB isos.. XD Excellent work guys
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