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  1. PS4 EMC CFW Steps: Phat CUH-1000 and CUH-1100 Guide by Zecoxao

    Following Fail0verflow's PS4 Aux Hax Parts 1-3 and PS4 Aux Hax Part 4 from 2018, some PS4 EMC Firmware findings and Volodymyr Pikhur (aka VPikhur)'s numerous contributions in the PlayStation 4 Scene developer @zecoxao shared via Twitter a PS4 EMC CFW Steps: Phat CUH-1000 and CUH-1100 Guide...
  2. to Retrieve Data from Any PS4 Console via SFlash Dump!

    Today PlayStation 4 developer @zecoxao shared a Python Script ( with updated revisions below) via Twitter from 'the usual suspect' that converts the wrapped key blobs stored in sflash0 into eap_hdd_key, which can then be used to retrieve data from any PS4 console (DevKit, Retail...
  3. LightningMods

    PS4Ninja PlayStation 4 File Browser Source Code by M0rph3us1987

    Following his previous releases, today PlayStation 4 developer m0rph3us1987 let us know on Twitter that he's abandoning the PS4Ninja project so he's decided to share the PS4Ninja file browser homebrew application's source code with PS4 community developers! :ninja: Download: