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  1. RetroGamer74

    PS4 File Manager (PoC) Keyboard and Track Support by RetroGamer74

    Hi guys, following my guide on Unity for all of you interested in a File Manager for PS4 HEN 4.55 this is a PoC (Proof-of-Concept). I was adapting to PS4 one of my old projects. It works with joystick and track. Here is the PKG for all of you interested on testing. Download...
  2. PS4 3.55 File Browser by TheoryWrong

    PS4 3.55 FileManager So recently we had major massive news for the PS4 Jailbreak Scene for the Firmware on 3.55 with the PS4 3.55 playground and module Dumps But not long ago, But only just 4 hours ago TheoryWrong Posted his File Manager Browser for the 3.55 Firmware !____ Information ____...