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  1. Hacking Sony PlayStation 4 Blu-ray Drives by Oct0xor 36c3 Talk Details

    Since the initial announcement by @Octopus (aka oct0xor on Twitter) here's a summary of what to expect in his 36c3 talk that will be livestreamed in English (YouTube Channel) on Hacking Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PlayStation 3 (PS3) Blu-ray Drives during the 36th annual Chaos Communication...
  2. P.T. Playable Teaser Silent Hills Demo Camera PS4 Hacks by ManFightDragon

    Proceeding the Unreal PT: Windows PC VR Remake and his Ratchet & Clank PS4 Debug Menu findings, video game hacker and modder extraordinaire @manfightdragon (aka Lance McDonald on YouTube) recently shared some eerie discoveries from his P.T. Playable Teaser Silent Hills demo camera PS4 hacks on...