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  1. Obtaining PlayStation Package (PKG) Files via SEN by Al Azif Guide

    Here's a brief guide based on what PlayStation 4 developer @Al Azif shared in the PSXHAX Shoutbox recently for those seeking Sony URL links to download PS4 Packages (PKG Files) for apps, games, etc to include in databases such as those from Octolus and OrbisModding similar to community projects...
  2. PS4 IDX Generator v0.1 and GenIDX Tool Tutorial by CrazyVoid

    I've been researching PS4 License files for Games and Applications. And there is an file format called IDX. I took the time to reverse this format and document it. Even make a program to generate these files for the community. Here is the source code to the application: CrazyVoid GenIDX PS4...

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