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  1. kizabg

    PKG_PFS_Tool: PS4 PKG / PFS / Save Games Unpacker Tool by Flatz!

    Proceeding the PS4 PKG Info on PlayStation 4 Packages and Keys by the legendary maxton (R.I.P.), today PS4Scene developer @flatz announced on Twitter the release of an ongoing PKG_PFS_Tool project spanning several years that unpacks PS4 PKGs / PFS / Save Games and can generate GP4 files for...
  2. PS4 EEPROM Dumper to Dump PlayStation 4 Non-Volatile Storage

    Many moons ago the PS3 Controller EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) was dumped, and moving to the PlayStation 4 generation following zecoxao's recent PS4 SFlash Guide comes a PS4 EEPROM Dumper to (you guessed it :coffee:) dump the console's EEPROM Non-Volatile Storage...